5 Game-Changing Foundation Tips for Darker Complexions

When we considered which expert to reach out to for a story on foundation tips for darker skin tones, one name immediately sprung to mind: Nick Barose. For the unschooled, Barose is most widely celebrated for being the man behind Lupita Nyong’o’s stunning red-carpet makeup looks, but he’s also worked with everyone from Zoe Saldana to Gugu Mbatha-Raw to Laverne Cox, not to mention he got his start in the industry by assisting the legendary Kevyn Aucoin.

Here’s the thing about dark foundation shades: There aren’t that many of them (something we really hope cosmetics companies start to change in the future). That means most women usually just give up altogether and stick to their sheer SPF, or end up wearing the wrong shade. To help solve this conundrum, we asked Barose to share his best tips on working with what we’ve got. From choosing the right shade, proper application technique, and favourite product picks, keep scrolling for five game-changing foundation tips for dark complexions!