The Secret Cosmetic Procedure Almost Every Beauty Editor Gets (and Why)

The first time I got Botox in my forehead, I was 25 years old. I went to LaserAway, a medispa in Santa Monica, where a pal of mine worked, and I paid $80 (around £60) for 18 units thanks to a holiday promotion and a substantial friends-and-family discount. Because of my job as a beauty editor, I'd been offered free Botox probably a dozen times before but had always felt squirmy about it and turned it down. I finally decided to cave in for a few reasons: 1) My frown lines were finally becoming noticeable to me, especially in photos, and I wanted to nip them in the bud, 2) a dermatologist I once worked with for a story had recommended I start preventative Botox now, and 3) because I work in the beauty industry, I knew I could always count on getting a little forehead Botox either heavily discounted or for free.

Before my first Botox experience, I had never talked to any of my colleagues about wanting to get the procedure, I suppose, simply because I still harboured some shame about it. I'd never had any kind of cosmetic work done before (not counting highlights and lash extensions), and the optics of having your face pumped full of injectables at only 25 didn't look good to me. I didn't want to be perceived as one of those corrupted, image-obsessed L.A. people. But as soon as I had it done, I felt instantly more relaxed and started babbling about my Botox-loaded forehead to everyone. Soon, I discovered that the majority of my co-workers in the beauty industry had also had this done. We'd just never explicitly discussed it before. All those Instagram photos in which their skin looked perfect and wrinkle-free suddenly made sense: Almost every beauty editor, no matter how "au naturel" their routine, is eventually convinced to go under the syringe, at least for a touch of Botox in the forehead, which is often the first place people treat (the gateway to other areas) due to all the frowning and eyebrow-raising we do over the years.