The 9 Foods You Need to Avoid If You're After a Flatter Stomach

If you're trying to get a flatter stomach, exercise is undoubtedly the best place to start. No, crunches and burpees may not be fun, but they certainly work, and creating a workout plan can really make a difference.

But it probably won't surprise you that your diet is at play here too. No, there's no miracle fix, and there's no secret ingredient that'll see washboard abs pop up on your stomach overnight. But, it's beneficial to arm yourself with the knowledge of the foods that might be having an adverse effect on the progress you're making via exercise—and that's exactly what we've pulled together for you here.

Now, we're not recommending you go cold-turkey on these foods, but having the following list at the back of your mind will help you make healthier choices—and will, in turn, lead to that stomach you've been dreaming of.