5 Healthy Foods You Didn't Know Are Wrecking Your Sleep



We all know the tale that cheese gives you nightmares and can disrupt your sleep, but turns out it shouldn't be shouldering the blame for our sleepless nights. One study found that our favourite bit of cheddar probably doesn't cause nightmares like we thought. In fact, it turns out there are actually some healthy foods we should avoid eating before hitting the hay.

We spoke to The Sleep Geek, aka James Wilson, who gave us some sage advice about diet and sleep. For Wilson's clients, he always looks at food and exercise too. It's not just about sleep—he looks at the full "health triangle." "You can't get your sleep right if your diet’s not right," says Wilson. "Just as exercising too close to bedtime can be a problem and keep you awake, you've got to consider your sleep type (are you a lark or an owl?) and consider the timing of your evening meal."

Wilson says that if you go to bed at 10 p.m., then you should be eating a good couple of hours before and also make sure that you don't eat anything too heavy—even if it is healthy. With this in mind, we've also looked at research on the kind of foods that could be keeping you awake to help you get a better night's sleep. Sure, they're healthy, but you probably want to save these foods for your lunchbox.

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