5 Foods a Nutritionist Would Remove From Your Diet


Terry Richardson for Purple

One day, after we’ve sold our billion-dollar idea to a well-meaning company that will keep us around as consultants (or when we finally win the National Lottery), we will have a staff rivaling that of a Hollywood starlet. First up, a nutritionist/personal chef, a personal trainer, and a dermatologist on call 24/7. The list goes on from there, but those three are the first and most important additions to our payroll. But “one day” is far, far in the future. Our current budgets don’t allow for such expenses. And while we can’t afford a nutritionist right now, we can press them for as much information as they’ll give us. So we asked Meryl Pritchard, founder of Kore Kitchen, to do an imaginary sweep of our kitchen. Scroll through to find out which foods a nutritionist would immediately toss out of our cupboards and refrigerators!

How does your grocery list look now? Are you going to be removing any of these foods from your kitchen? Tell us below!