Bloated? Blame It On These Vegetables

Bloat, bloat, go away, come again… never. By now, we know that a sprinkle of turmeric or cayenne pepper can help de-bloat in a flash and that we should always have ginger on standby. But what about things in our diet that are causing that annoying beached-whale feeling? Things like… that salad you were so proud of eating for lunch? Yes, you heard right—even healthy veggies can cause bloat. Is nothing sacred anymore? Apparently not. Veggies like broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and even kale might be the reason you’re feeling gassy come midafternoon. Cue the sad violin. These greens contain a certain sugar called raffinose that your body can’t digest until your gut ferments it, as well as a high amount of fibre. But wait, you ask, isn’t a high-fibre diet good for your gut? Yes, it is—but the benefits come over time, and gradually easing your body into a high-fibre diet is better than overloading on high-fibre foods all at once. So—continue eating your kale chips, but don’t overdo it if you’ve got an event coming up. Also, cooking your vegetables helps them take up less space in your GI tract and makes them easier to digest. Sorry, salad. 

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