5 Foods That Make You Look Younger, According to Science

We have some bad news: Along with pollution, sleeping in your makeup, and massaging in your products with the wrong fingers (really), what you eat could be causing wrinkles. It's true: Simple carbs, sugars, and even dairy affect your skin's internal make-up, like its elasticity from wrinkle-induced glucose spikes. Inflammatory foods break down collagen and DNA (ever heard of dairy face?) and even cause the cursed adult acne. Basically, that slice (or, if we're being honest, slices) of pizza are prematurely ageing you, so think again before another pizza-and-wine night. (Alcohol is another wrinkle-causing item. More bad news, we know.)

So in an effort to look as young and youthful as we can while eating healthfully (which, of course, are synonymous with one another), we searched for the best anti-ageing foods that will help plump up our skin and fend off fine lines and wrinkles, all according to science.

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