10 Foods Nutritionists Always Have in Their Kitchens

Gaining entry into someone’s fridge is an intimate experience. After all, whatever lies beyond the double doors can say a lot about a person. (No judgment if it’s only last night’s leftovers and a bottle of champagne.) For example, we have a feeling that the contents of our fridge are vastly different from that of a certified nutritionist, who is sure to stock her kitchen with only the best and healthiest foods. Curious to find out if that was the case, we asked three nutritionists for a list of foods they always have in their kitchens—come hell or high water, these foods will stay stocked on their shelves. Turns out, some foods we already have stocked, while others add to the long list of things we have under #fridgegoals. Keep scrolling for 10 foods nutritionists always have in their kitchens!