6 Foods That Actually Get Rid of Belly Fat, According to Science

Pooch, spare tire, muffin top—you can call it a bunch of cute-sounding nicknames, but in the end, belly fat still sucks. And we’re not just talking about outward appearances—no, excess belly fat has dire consequences for your health, too. The visceral fat around your midsection might be the easiest to hide, but it’s been linked to a number of health issues, including an increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, inflammation, and even cancer. So beyond just wanting to look a certain way in your bikini (even though one-pieces are totally trending right now), we should all be aware of the foods we’re putting in our bodies and how they affect us, inside and out. 

But it’s not all about deprivation. No, there are foods out that exist out there—foods that taste good, foods that make for amazing Instagram flat lays (because #priorities)—that actually help decrease belly fat. Maths-wise, it’s like an inverse equation: The more of these foods you eat, the slimmer your waistline gets (and that is the end of this beauty editor’s maths prowess). Don’t believe us? Trust the scientific studies then. Keep scrolling to see the six foods that actually get rid of belly fat, according to science!