This Is the Only Yoga Class I Can Fully Switch Off In

Yoga is something I've always wanted to like. I've tried it time and time again, fully aware of the health and mind benefits of its meditative and bodyweight nature. I've always wanted to nail it, but I've failed at doing so multiple times. I don't know if it has something to do with the pace of the yoga I tried (I like fast, sweaty workouts) or because I just haven't found the right class for me. And as it turns out, the latter is true, because I recently visited Fly LDN and tried its staple Flow 45 class, and I'm hooked.

So what's different about Fly LDN? Well, it's an immersive yoga experience. I know immersive classes aren't exactly new, but they're currently very popular. Remember back when we tried One-10's Paceline class? This required a screen with a leaderboard, meaning you felt very much "immersed" in how you were performing. There are apps like Freeletics which are making it easy to access virtual workouts from your home. But what is it about immersive yoga that I found so addictive?