The New Gadget That Makes Applying False Lashes Seriously Easy

We see a lot of innovations coming out of the beauty industry. While many products deliver, such as the cushion compact, there are many that don't. But we're incredibly excited to hear about a new invention that is set to change the way we apply false eyelashes. Currently, applying a set of big and bold lashes involves a lot of faffing with glue, which inevitably gets all over our hands. However, this new tool will stop all that. And how do we know this exactly? Because we've seen it in action. 

Created by Flirt Cosmetics, it's a sort of eyelash gun that dispenses false eyelashes. To use it, all you have to do is add glue directly onto the bottom of the eyelash. You can then place the eyelash on your eyelid carefully using the applicator and then release the eyelash, giving you falsies without all the fuss. Not only that, you have control over how much you want, as they're smaller eyelash sections, rather than a whole eye's worth. Sounds kinda perfect, no? If you don't believe us, keep scrolling to watch how it's done and find out when you can get your hands on it.