True Story: This Is the Most Flattering Lipstick Ever


Paley Fairman

Finding an everyday lip product has always been a struggle of mine. My former motto when it came to lipstick was "go big, or go home." I either went completely bare-lipped or layered on a finicky matte liquid lipstick, one that I had to tend to all day long. But I'm over that now. I want a product that both is easy to deal with and looks great.

Cut to two months ago, when I found exactly what I was looking for. I imagine this is what it feels like for a normal person to find their soul mate, but for me, lipstick will do. An Elizabeth Arden package showed up at my desk, and I began opening it without thinking my life was about to change. I looked at the product, a modern-looking pod-like contraption that housed a purple hue I wouldn't normally wear. I set it aside and went about my day.

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