Why You'll Never Get a Flat Stomach If You Eat These Foods



There are two ways to get a flat stomach: You can put the hard work at the gym to torch belly fat, or you can focus on bloating, which can make your stomach look far from flat. True, it's not something that we'd all care to admit, but with more women suffering from bloating than men, it's an important issue to discuss.

Of course, while the bloating aspect is physically uncomfortable, it can also impact our confidence if we're feeling self-conscious of apparent weight gain when really it's just a result of how our digestive system is reacting. But there are remedies that will help you debloat and give you a flatter stomach almost immediately.

We spoke to nutritional therapist Sandra Greenbank about this problem, and she told us that bloating is quite the complicated issue. "Our lives are generally quite stressful, and there are many things that can disrupt your gut flora such as stress, diet, antibiotic use, the pill and some other medications," she says.

Greenbank also talked about how our bodies tend to go into a fight or flight mode when under stress, which can also lead to bloating, as "your body thinks you're being attacked, so all the energy goes away from the digestive system."

As well as some expert advice, we also consulted some scientific studies on how to beat the bloat and end up with a flatter stomach.

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