The DIY Nail Fixing Trick Every Woman Needs to Know

There are worse things in life than a broken nail. We know that. But that doesn't stop us feeling a little bit of grief every time it happens. You've been there, peacefully going about your day, reaching into your handbag or getting something from your desk drawer when suddenly disaster strikes and the nail you've spent ages growing and looking after is suddenly looking quite sad.

A complete break is bad and will mean you need to decide whether to trim the rest to match or think about replacing it with a false nail. But what if it's not a clean break? What if it's one of those annoying splits on the side—a jagged little tear that will catch on your hair, your jumper and everything else you might touch during the course of a day?

If it's a split rather than a clean break, all is not lost, as with a little bit of patience and the right products you can fix the nail so that it's almost as good as new.  

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to fixing a broken nail.

First things first, if you can get your hands on a nail-mending kit you’ll find it has what you need to be able to fix your broken nail in no time.

Can’t get one? Worry not. There’s a surprising secret ingredient when it comes to mending a nail, and you’re almost guaranteed to have it to hand. Want to know what it is? Tea bags. Yep, you read that right. As beauty bloggers such as Lilith Moon know, the paper-like fabric used for tea bags is perfect for this task.

You’ll also need a sharp pair of scissors, nail glue, a nail file and buffer and a top coat. A pair of tweezers might come in useful too. See below for the steps.

1. Simply cut a small piece from the tea bag (taking care not to spill tea everywhere), and trim it to cover the damaged part of your nail. You might find it hard to work with a tiny scrap of fabric, so it's better to cut an overhang which can be trimmed or filed off later.

2. Making sure your nail is clean and free of oil and nail polish, apply a thin layer of nail glue to the damaged part of your nail.

3. Next carefully apply the tea bag strip (this is where tweezers might be helpful) smoothing it out as much as possible before painting on another thin layer of nail glue.

4. Once the glue is dry you, simply need to buff down the patch as much as possible before applying your base coat. And that’s it, your manicure is saved for another day.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments if you've got any other surprising rescue remedies in your kitchen cupboard!