Confirmed: This Is How Australian Women Stay So Fit

Australian women: Why do they seem so much happier than we Americans do? Is it their gorgeous beaches? Their perpetual sunshine? The fact that everyone is naturally blond? 

We have a few Aussies here at Byrdie L.A., and they're some of my favourite people for many reasons, not least of which is their delightfully chill vibes. This Aussie easygoingness seems to inform every aspect of life—fitness included. For example, when asked to summarize the difference between how L.A. girls and Aussies approach fitness, Sacha Strebe (editorial director of our sister site MyDomaine) said: "In L.A., people are really into fitness but more in terms of trends, and people are more into the gym. Whereas in Australia, fitness is more of a lifestyle." In other words, while we Americans have to make exercise this totally high-stress, neurotic thing, Aussies have a legitimately healthy attitude toward it all. (I said it, not Sacha.)

When it comes to fitness, we have a lot to learn from our sisters in the south, and that's exactly what we're talking about today. Keep scrolling to learn how Australian women get in shape the sane, balanced way!

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