5 Under-the-Radar Indie Beauty Brands Nobody Knows About Yet

Niche new beauty brands are a beauty lover's catnip. Let's face it—we all like to be ahead of the makeup curve. We want to know about the newest serums before anyone else and be well on the pulse of the latest skincare lines. In all honesty, we just love indie beauty brands. You know it, I know it and Feelunique certainly knows it. In fact, the beauty retailer just launched a new corner of its website called Spark Beauty, which is dedicated to celebrating the best indie beauty brands from the U.S.

Though crazy shipping fees and a low profile might once have hindered some indie brands' UK success, Feelunique has provided 12 carefully selected brand with a chance to be noticed on its virtual shelves. Our faces also have the opportunity to revel in each of the new products too. I recently met with the founders of some of these new indie brands, and I have to say, you might just be looking at the next-gen Glossier or The Ordinary right here. Below, I've handpicked my favourite finds from five of the newly stocked brands at Feelunique. These are the new niche beauty products to invest in before the rest of your Instagram feed does.