Fast-Acting Face Masks That Work in Under 10 Minutes

Mornings are a struggle anytime, and right now it’s cold and dark which makes that snooze button look even more appealing than dragging yourself into the bathroom. But the sub-zero weather and central heating can wreak havoc on even the hardiest of complexions, which means right now your skin could really do with some extra TLC. Understanding how important sleep is, and that we don’t all have time to spare for pampering, here are 6 face masks that work in 1, 5 and 10 minutes. Keep scrolling for our round-up of the most time efficient face masks.

Reach for these when you're really pushed for time:


For brighter skin: When activated by water the vitamin C in this mask gets to work to re-energise and brighten dull skin in less than 60 seconds. That’s impressive.


For cleaner skin: A self-heating clay mask. As you massage the clay and charcoal draw impurities out of your pores super quick. Just rinse, and go.

For the times when you just hit that snooze button once—these are your reward:


For firmer skin: A rich cream, this mask will have your skin looking noticeably firmer in the time it takes to boil that egg for breakfast. Fruit extracts boost collagen production so your skin becomes plumper and firmer over time.


For thirst-quenched skin: This mask is like a much-needed drink of water. Coral grass and green algae act like magnets to draw moisture into the skin, while chlorella extract boosts collagen production. Emollient-rich this mask will help repair skin to prevent future moisture loss that causes dehydration.

For those mornings you wake early and don't want to snooze (mini fist pump!):


For clearer skin: If you have slightly longer in the morning, then this mask is worth the time spent. There’s a cocktail of anti-ageing goodness in one sheet: Antioxidant green tea extract, niacinamide which helps improve skin elasticity and discolouration, plus vitamin E to nourish. Slip one on while you check your Instagram feed first thing.


For sober-looking skin: Had a heavy night? Alcohol will often wake you early so make as well make use of the extra time. Slather on this mask while you mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead. Fruit acids exfoliate the skin, while argireline hexapeptide (well, that’s a mouthful) softens the look of those tell-tale dehydration lines. After 10 minutes, rub off to aid the exfoliation before rinsing the residue. You may feel terrible, but no one will ever know by looking at you.

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