The Surprisingly Low Maintenance Hair Trend Seen All Over Fashion Week

The big buzzwords for hair at the fall runway shows in New York this week are “easy” and “cool.” And nothing, we’d argue, is easier than embracing your post-gym hair, a look many stylists are bringing to life backstage. At Thakoon’s F/W 14 runway show, legendary hair stylist Odile Gilbert said, “It’s a girl who went to the gym, so she’s sweaty in the front and kind of fluffy in the back. It’s really about the gesture of pushing it back, away from the face.” The models looked like they’d just barely broken a sweat, thanks to Kerastase’s Lift Vertige ($38) at the roots.

Meanwhile, at 3.1 Phillip Lim, hair stylist Paul Hanlon referenced both “sweat” and Bryan Ferry, pushing the models' shiny roots (courtesy of Moroccanoil ($43) Treatment) up into a slight pompadour. “The hair is slippery, like it’s going to fall out,” he says. The stylist told a similar story at rag & bone, where models wore messy, low-slung top knots with greasy roots, pictured above. “Marcus [Wainwright, rag & bone designer] kept talking about Saturday hair, this idea of getting up on a Saturday morning and just yanking your hair back into a knot after a week of not washing it.”

Naturally, one has pretty greasy roots after a few days without shampoo, so Hanlon worked Osis+ Rough Rubber ($9) into the scalp. “There’s some element of ‘50s pomade,” he says, “but really it’s just the effect of natural grease.”

The week might not be over, but it sounds like your dry shampoo might get a well-deserved break next fall!

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