The 3 Brushes You Need To Master Fall's Bold Eye Makeup

You’ve probably noticed we can’t stop talking about this season’s array of bold eye looks. There’s the classic smoky eye like Olivia Wilde, a bright line of colour a la Jessica Biel, or softer renditions like those in our grey eyes editorial. In fact, Hollywood’s so hypnotized with a defined eye, that actresses like Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lawrence are pairing their smoky gazes with an equally-striking lip. The one thing they all have in common? Their eye makeup is expertly applied and has a polished finish. You don’t need a makeup artist—just the right brushes. Georgie Eisdell, the makeup artist behind some of Carey Mulligan and Rose Byrne’s best red carpet looks and Dianna Agron’s edgy editorial, says you can accomplish any look with just three—as long as their the right ones.