Facialists Name 14 Anti-Ageing Products They Recommend to All Their Clients

What would you ask a facialist if you had their number on speed dial? Apart from hassling them every time you get a blemish or notice a new fine line appearing, we thought that the most important question would probably be, “What’s the number one product recommendation we should all be using?” After all, no one knows which products work better than the aestheticians that use them on a whole host of different skin types every single day.

So we did just that: We reached out to some of our favourite dermatologists, facialists and skincare experts in the know to find out what is their must-have skincare buy.

From ultra-hydrating moisturisers to SPF (and even a facial essence thrown into the mix), if you’re looking to stock up on some staples, make sure you’re adding these to the list.