FaceGym's New Face Oil Is Like Deep Heat for Your Facial Muscles

I know some people are a bit funny about face oils, fearful that they'll exacerbate any underlying oiliness or just concerned they'll be messier than however they usually get their hydration kicks. I get all of that, but if you want glowy skin, I swear that an oil is the only thing that's going to get you there.

And while traditional oils focus heavily on lacing the top layer of skin with delicious dreamy dewiness (all the alliteration), it's a face oil that dives a little deeper that is escaping the clutches of my bathroom cabinet more and more these days.

Enter Face Gym + Oil Serum Muscle Blend (£70). This new offering from Face Gym (the London-based "workout" studio for your face) is a bespoke oil blend that seeps into the muscles of your face to aid muscle recovery, strength and size. Just as toned, healthy, hardworking muscles make our bodies feel svelter, this oil is all about making the face appear plumper and bouncier.

The blend itself is built on a concoction of botanical oils that are each brilliant at working on the small muscles of your face. Inside there's banana extract, which is chock-full of potassium—an electrolyte for muscle fuel. There's also quinoa for magnesium (vital in muscle growth and also muscle soothing—hence why we pour the stuff in our bathtubs) and antioxidant-rich raspberry seeds that aid muscle recovery, keeping the face supple.

Then there's the regular roll call of hydration heavyweights: hyaluronic acid, squalene and amino acids. Annoyingly, it's not available to buy online, but that's because at the Selfridges' Make It Bar, the team will add boosters targeted to your particular skin needs, making it a completely bespoke product.

I would note, however, that the oil works best when teamed with a hearty round of facial massage. I use my knuckles to get in around the brow bone, my fingertips to knead my forehead and the base of my hand to stretch the skin around my jaw and into the cheekbones and then finish off by steamrollering my face with this genius tool.