Beat Those Acne Blues With These Firm But Fair Face Masks

When you have adult acne, trying to find the right skincare products (such as face masks for acne, or spot creams) can make you feel a bit like Goldilocks. Too harsh and your skin will feel stripped, too gentle and using it feels completely pointless. But all the experimentation needed to find the one that's just right can play havoc on your already-stressed skin, and that's not to mention the cost and waste involved.

Luckily, just like Goldilocks and her porridge, the just-right product is out there—a perfectly formed face mask that will settle your acne without aggravating the skin. And, in even better news, you don't have to hunt for it on your own, as our friends over at Rank & Style have done the hard work for you.

Using a clever algorithm that draws on user reviews, articles and recommendations, Rank & Style compiles the ultimate unbiased ranking of fashion and beauty products. And they've shared a list with us that reveals the top five masks that people with acne really rate.