Meet F45: The Cult Australian Workout London Women Are Lining Up For

F45 is hardcore, but I'm hooked. It's taken me a while to step foot into one of the studios because I'd heard that it was the toughest workout you'll ever do. Called F45 (short for function 45), it's a 45-minute, high-intensity, circuit-style class.

I'm not going to lie, it's intense but there is something so addictive in the fact that the class moves at lightning speed, and you have no time to think, you just have to move. I've been to six classes now, and every single one finished in what felt like 30 minutes. I've sweat buckets each time and felt that exercise high that had me wanting to bulk buy classes on my credit card. That's the thing with F45: It's addictive. The proof is that there are over 140 studios in and around Sydney, the city from where the brand hails. I spoke to my friend Rachael in Manly who told me they're like Pret, "there's one one every corner." I asked whether she had been, and she explained, "Imagine everyone in your class, but with a tan and even more of a six pack. It's competitive, I'll stick with yoga."

The thing is getting lean and dropping fat, which is essentially impossible not to do if you join F45, seriously appeals to me. And much like Sydney, it won't be long before there's an F45 near you. The brand has plans to franchise in Dublin, Birmingham, Brighton, and open more studios in London. So what's it all about? Keep scrolling to find out what happens in an F45 class and how it will reshape your body in no time.