Eyeliner That Actually Suits Your Eyes

Makeup artist James Kaliardos tried something quite novel at Rodarte’s SS/14 show at New York fashion week yesterday. While most hair and makeup teams are tasked with making the models look uniform—so as to enhance the theme of the show without distracting from the clothes—Kaliardos and his team of artists were tailoring Nars’ Larger Than Life Eyeliner ($24) in Via Veneto and Black Valley Eye Paint ($25) to each eye. “I’m into individual makeup this season,” Kaliardos said backstage. “And we’re trying to have more variation on the catwalk and encourage designers to use models with different skin tones and that means different makeup. Eyeliner on a white Swedish girl does not look the same as it does on Jourdan [Dunn].”

Instead of drawing a classic cat eye, the artists used a mix of cream and pencil across the models’ top lash line and under just the outter third of the lower lash line. “In a way doing a cat eye is easy, that lifted shape? You’re creating something,” says Kaliardos, “This is going with their natural shape.”

Next time you’re trying to draw the “perfect cat-eye,” follow Kaliardos’ lead. Proof of how good it looks, above.