Makeup Artists Say No One Will Be Wearing Their Brows This Way in 2019

More than foundation, eye shadow or lipstick, eyebrows are perhaps the one makeup element that evolves the most from decade to decade. It's interesting that the feature that has the single biggest effect on your facial structure, youthfulness and overall vibe is also the one that varies most drastically. In the 1930s, brows that were so skinny and arched they almost looked cartoonish were all the rage, while 50 years later, a bushy Brook Shields–esque style was what everyone lusted after.

Thanks to social media, beauty trends are moving faster than ever before. So as 2019 approaches, to stay ahead of the curve (or ahead of the arch, as it were), we got in touch with six top makeup artists to find out what eyebrows are going to look like in the coming year—and which eyebrow trends are on their way out. Keep scrolling to read all about the low-maintenance eyebrow style that's going to take over 2019.