15 Women With Brilliant Brows on Pinterest

If you had clicked onto a home improvement website, this feature would be about the structural integrity of a house; but don't worry you haven't—you've clicked onto a far more riveting article about brows. You see, your eyebrows create structure to your face; mess with them too much and the whole things falls apart (not literally, thankfully!). But finding the perfect brow shape for your face is crucial.

Now, you may think your brows are your brows and you can't change them besides some threading or tweezing, but just like the hair on your head, with some clever colouring, cutting and styling you can completely transform them and, in turn, your face.

You can use a pencil to create a straighter brow , which is the shape du jour right now, or you can make your arches appear more angular than rounded. Brushing up your brows and filling the spaces with a loose powder will make them look thicker, darker and more luscious (there's nothing better than a dark brow on a blonde), whereas combing the hairs with clear gel in the direction they grow will instantly make you look more groomed. Don't want to take our word for it? Then scroll through and see 15 women with amazing brows then shop the products at the end.

How often do you groom your brows and how? Let us know in the comment box below.