Experts Agree: This Is the #1 Eye Makeup Mistake



When you apply your eye makeup, who do you turn to for tips? YouTube videos? Makeup counters? Your mum? While some of us might be adept at applying eye makeup, others struggle to wield an eye shadow brush without making themselves look like a panda. Hey, we've all got our failings. This editor in particular often struggles to apply eye shadow without getting it all over her base, leading to a rather annoying clean up–and-reapply situation. To avoid such problems, we've turned to experts for their best tips and tricks when it comes to applying eye makeup. From Mary Greenwell to Lisa Eldridge, we've gathered up the best advice from the biggest makeup artists around. 

Keep scrolling to read the number one mistake everyone makes when it comes to applying eye makeup, plus four others that you should always avoid.

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