The Makeup Guide for Girls Who Are Good at Makeup



We talk a lot about lazy-girl beauty—and its cousin, beginner beauty—here at Byrdie. But what about the other end of the spectrum? Just because we tend to prefer a more laissez-faire approach to our beauty routines doesn’t mean the rest of the world does. We’re fully aware there are those makeup-minded individuals out there who flick perfect cat eyes without a shake or squiggle, who blend shadows with ease, and who contour with the breezy air of an artist painting brushstrokes on a canvas. This makeup guide is for you, dear artiste.

If you’re not quite a pro makeup artist (yet) but have a solid grasp on the basics—or just really, really love playing with makeup—let this be your guide on taking your skills to the next level. From oil strobing to layering strip lashes, keep scrolling for our guide for girls who are good at makeup.