Whenever I Wear This Perfume, Everyone Always Asks Me Where It's From


Experimental Perfume Club

As far as perfumes go, I'm pretty tricky to please. Yes, I've fallen victim to the uprise in woody, musky scents, but I like a hint of florals or freshness at the base. It wasn't until I discovered Experimental Perfume Club and created my very own perfume that I found my signature scent. And as it turned out, everyone else seemed to love it just as much as I did. Every time I spritzed it onto my skin, I'd get at least two compliments. And while you can't re-create my scent, EPC now has its own collection, Layers, stocked in Liberty of London, so you can easily blend your own.

Founded by Emmanuelle Moeglin, Experimental Perfume Club is a working perfume creative studio based in East London. After working in the fragrance industry for over 12 years, Moeglin decided to bring her own knowledge to the perfume world and launch an experiential perfume studio. The premise of the studio is you can book into a workshop and create your own fragrance in a beautiful environment. It hosts regular monthly perfume-making workshops, as well as one-to-one private consultations.