If Money Were No Object, These Are the Christmas Presents We'd Like to Receive

We’re grown-up enough to understand that Christmas is about the giving, not the receiving. But what if, perchance, you did happen to win big on that scratch card you bought on your way into work after a serious bout of Sunday night dread? You’d need something to splash out on to celebrate, and the last thing you need is to have to spend time faffing in department stores or panic googling expensive gifts.

It’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to put in some legwork and pull out some rather fancy blow-the-budget presents. It didn’t take us long because essentially, it’s what we’re dreaming about as well. A bit of beauty, some Christmas pyjamas, a tasty treat or two—your standard festive fare but with a few noughts added on the end of the price tag. (Not that you’d need to look at that, mind.)

Scroll down to see what we’d like Santa to leave under the tree this year.