This Is the Secret to Feeling Happier Today and Tomorrow



We're all familiar with the feeling of leaving a Spin class on a high—the music pumping, the endorphin rush, that post-workout glow… But a new study has shown that the post-exercise mood boost isn't actually as short-lived as you might think: The journal Personality & Individuality Differences has discovered a "cascade of positive events" that carries over to the next day.

The study, which took place over three weeks, was conducted on university-age students who logged their moods and exercise routines in an online journal. On the days that the students worked up a sweat, they also reported things like completing a project or having a good conversation with a loved one, so that feeling of being able to boss anything at work after hitting the gym before 9 a.m. is legit. Interestingly, these good feelings also seemed to spill over to the next day, even if the participant didn't exercise again.

Okay, so feeling great after exercising isn't a super-new notion, but the discovery that it could have a knock-on effect the next day too is enough to make us reconsider skipping boxing tonight. If that's not enough to make you want to hit the gym, maybe some new kit will tempt you. It's hard to feel inspired about doing squats in a ratty old tee and leggings; treating yourself to some fun but functional sportswear is a great way to motivate yourself.

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