The Foundation That Made Me Cheat On My Highlighter

I have a slight aversion to liquid foundations.  I have some dark spots and uneven skintone that could use some coverage, but in general, I feel like most foundations hide more good than they do the bad, and usually leave me with a heavy, cake-y mess.  But a lightbulb went off when I came across the Eve Lom’s Radiance Lift Foundation SPF15 ($60). It makes sense, if you think about it—if you really want to do your skin justice, it seems obvious to choose a foundation from a cult-favourite skincare line. 

The formula is full of nourishing ingredients that you would find in your favourite moisturizers and serums, like plant extracts, skin-brightening vitamins C and E, and big dose of hyaluronic acid for extra moisture.  Instead of looking like a layer of product was sitting on my skin, my complexion looked radiant and moisturized. And don’t let the term “anti-ageing” deter you. If you have yet to experience wrinkles or crow’s feet, I found that all of the anti-ageing benefits also benefited my more youthful complexion. After applying it, my skin actually looked like, well, my skin—but more even, smooth, and bright.  So bright, in fact, that I did the unthinkable: I skipped highlighter altogether. If you’re looking for a brightening foundation that won’t smother your skin, I recommend this product whole-heartedly—just don’t tell my highlighter.