Is Your Nail Salon Ethical? Here’s How to Find Out

Recently, The New York Times released an article that exposed the shocking working conditions of nail salons in New York City. The narrative was a grim one, documenting the terrible conditions, little-to-nothing pay, and gruelling hours that many New York nail technicians operate under each and every day. It’s safe to say that since then, we’ve become a bit warier when it comes to our own weekly manicure habits—suddenly, the dirt-cheap, hole-in-the-wall mani spot we frequent doesn’t seem quite as appealing. But are our suspicions grounded? How can you really tell if your go-to nail salon is operating ethically? To help us find out, we spoke with Samira Far, nail guru and founder of the Bellacures Nail Salons, a franchise of salons that prides itself of cleanliness and legal, ethical business practices. Ahead, you’ll find the telltale signs you should be looking out for on your next manicure stop—keep scrolling to see them all!