This Is the #1 Makeup Mistake We Make, According to This Beauty Blogger



The thing about Estée Lalonde is that you've probably already read her beauty blog at some point without even realising it. She is, without a doubt, one of the most informed and interesting beauty influencers out there. From her witty and down-to-earth products reviews on YouTube to her spot-on way to get that coveted natural beauty look, we're often going to Lalonde's blog to find out new tricks of the beauty trade. Recently, we had the chance to catch up with her for a five-minute chat and find out what her biggest beauty mistakes have been and what she would never do when it comes to makeup. Keep scrolling to find out. 

Byrdie UK: If you have five minutes to get ready, what would you use? 

Estée Lalonde: Easy to apply, minimal makeup is my fave kind of makeup, so I already know exactly what I'd use. My go to product for my skin at the moment is the By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Foundation (£78), so I'd apply a thin layer of this using a beauty blender to even out my complexion and give my look a subtle glow. To save some time, I'd reach for one of the Bite Beauty Multisticks (£20) and add a dab of this to my cheeks along with a slick onto my lips for a natural flush of colour. I'd then apply a sweep of mascara to my lashes and finish off the look by tidying up my brows with a brow gel. This should only take me a couple of minutes so I'd use the rest of my time to stick the kettle on ready for a strong cup of tea.

Byrdie UK: What's the one beauty product that surprised you (in a good way) this year?

EL: I would probably have to say that the Bite Beauty Multisticks (£20) are the products that have surprised me the most this year. I was familiar with the term "multistick" but had never really taken the time to try one out and apply it properly. I love any product that saves me some time in the mornings and means I can spend an extra few minutes under the duvet, so the multisticks are perfect for me. I like to apply a few dabs to my cheeks using the stick itself, and then pick up some of the product on my fingers and apply it to my lips. I love these babies because the end result is so natural and they're super easy to use. Perfect.

Byrdie UK: What's the biggest beauty mistake you've ever made?

EL: I think the biggest beauty mistake I've ever made is probably using makeup wipes. We've all been there, haven't we? Granted, wipes are a very quick and easy way to take off your makeup, but they don't give your skin the thorough clean it needs to get rid of all the dirt and grime from the day. My evening skincare routine takes a little longer than a swipe with a wipe would, but let me tell you those extra few minutes really pay off. I can't get into bed without knowing that my skin is clean and clear of anything nasty. Bin those wipes and you're guaranteed to see positive changes to your complexion.

Byrdie UK: What's the one thing you would never do when it comes to beauty? 

EL: A big no-no for me is heavy makeup. I love natural-looking makeup and the idea of wearing a look that's really harsh and overpowering is really not my thing. When I apply my makeup, I try to make sure that I'm just enhancing my natural features, I hate stepping out of the door and feeling like I'm wearing a mask, that's not my vibe at all. I've never tried contouring or strobing because I don't want to look like I'm not me. 

Byrdie UK: What's the one makeup item you'd use for party look?

EL: Lipstick! Always lipstick. Even if I'm feeling like death warmed up, a slick of lipstick makes me feel like I could take on the world! (Okay, maybe that's a bit far but you know what I mean). Lipstick is my thang. I love wearing minimal eye makeup but using a pop of colour on my lips to really amp up the vibe. Charlotte Tilbury Sexy Sienna (£23) is one I've been reaching for a lot recently.

Byrdie UK: What's the biggest makeup mistake you've ever made?

EL: Like most girls, I've made many a makeup mistake during my time, but arguably the biggest mistake that I've ever made is using really heavy foundations. Nowadays, you won't catch me with a face full of thick foundation, but back in the day I used to apply it with a heavy hand and end up looking really cakey by 11 a.m. I think that a lot of young girls (myself included) think that thick foundations are the key to having skin that looks clear and flawless but using a heavy formula can actually amplify any imperfections on our face and highlight any areas that we might want to hide. Over the years I've found that using lightweight formulas and BB creams are the best kinds of products to use on my face. We all make mistakes so I don't try to beat myself up about it, it's how I've learnt.

Estée Lalonde appeared at Beautycon Festival London. You can see more about Estée To buy her book, visit

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