7 Energy-Boosting Products to Wake You Up in the Morning

At this time of year, in the deepest darkest depths of winter, it’s easy to mistake your alarm for some kind of emergency. That instant panic, the confusion and then the heart-sinking realisation that, yes, it really is time to get up even though it’s pitch black outside and colder than the fridge housing the milk for your morning coffee. January is the worst, which is why you need to arm yourself with as many energising concoctions as one person can squeeze onto a shower shelf.

Keep scrolling for seven products that we guarantee will make mornings that little bit more bearable—and have you feeling human by the time you leave home.


Okay, so this one should be kept on your bedside cabinet because it will aid you in getting from bed to shower. When you reach to hit snooze (again), grab this and spritz. Sicilian lemon and basil have been blended with two aims: to stimulate a tired mind and to encourage clear thinking—the clear thought being that you don't want to be late. 


The Guarana-derived caffeine and zingy spearmint in this shower gel will instantly help defog a heavy, sleepy body. It also uses a coconut-derived cleansing agent rather than SLS, so it’s kinder to skin too.


Like a pep talk for your face. If it was a PT it would tell you, ‘You can do it!’ but it’s not so instead the blend of coffee beans and cucumber work to wake up your skin, leaving you with a brighter complexion and a can-do attitude.


This scrub combines peppermint oil and olive oil with crushed Robusta and green coffee beans. Paired with a good mechanical scrubbing action it will boost your circulation, livening up sleepy muscles.


For fine to normal hair, this clever blend of rosemary and mint won’t just invigorate your hair, it leaves you feeling a bit brighter too.


The best time to moisturise is post-shower while skin is still damp and after a scrub to clear away dead skin cells. Ila’s Vital Energy Oil combines argan, almond and rosehip seed oil to leave skin super soft. The scents of juniper berry and rose geranium will boost confidence too.


Last step: Once dressed, apply this oil to pulse points (inside wrists, behind the ears and knees). Geranium, bergamot and rosemary act as an instant pick-me-up that will keep radiating for hours thanks to the warmer temperature of these spots on your body.


Which products help you wake up in the mornings? Let us know in the comment box below.