How to Work Out, According to Your Favourite New Sports Emoji

When Apple announces it's set to release new emojis, we quite often lose our minds. Whether that's because they're more diverse or just added avocado (best. day. ever), there's always plenty to celebrate when a new load rolls out. This time, we're happy about the fact that Apple has made the sports emoji more diverse and included many more women. 

Now we'll be able to see women playing basketball, running, swimming and cycling—to name but a few of the energetic new icons. To honour this exciting expansion on our smartphones, and because we KNOW you'll already have a favourite, we decided to pick the five we're loving in the Byrdie office right now and show you how to work out according to the emoji. You know, just in case you're done with Pokemon Go already. 

Keep scrolling to see which emojis are our favourites, how to work out according to said emoji, and where to shop the best sportswear right now.

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Opening Image: @shona_vertue