18 Times Emma Watson's Hair Tempted Us Into a Salon Visit

Cast your mind back to when the very first Harry Potter movie was announced and photos of the franchise’s stars were splashed across every newspaper. I can distinctly remember paying close attention to Hermione Granger’s hair because, in the books, it was as prominent a feature as Harry’s round glasses and thunderbolt scar.

Emma Watson's thick waves didn’t disappoint, and I personally believe she was basically destined to be a hair icon from the very second she landed that role. Sure, her 11-year-old ’do isn’t necessarily aspirational now, but as her style has grown up, so has our own, and we’ve seen out every faux pas with her (crimping and butterfly clips, anyone?).

Since then, Emma’s hair portfolio has spanned the full spectrum of hairstyles, from 2010’s pixie crop to the micro-fringe she debuted in this year. So let us take you back through some her best and most memorable hair moments. Believe me; you’ll be booking in for balayage and freshly snipped ends by the time you’ve reached the bottom.

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