Whoa—Elle Fanning Debuts a Grown-Up New Hair Colour

We've seen some pretty shocking hair transformations on the red carpet.  Case in point: Katy Perry's Grinch-green lob way back in April, Nicole Richie's various pastel rainbow hues, the list goes on. But though brights and pastels seem to be the trend right now, Elle Fanning pulled a different shocking hair move at the premiere for her new movie, Boxtrolls: she went brunette. It's no Nicole Richie-status hair transformation, but we still count the change as quite radical for the young actress, who has always kept her hair a bright, platinum blonde. Fanning said she dyed her hair for a role, but we could easily see her rocking this grown-up hue after the movie wraps up. No word yet on who is responsible for her new chestnut mane, but we'll update with the news once we hear it. We love the sophisticated new look and can’t wait to see how she styles it!

Do you prefer Fanning as a brunette or blonde?  Sound off below!