The $2 Lip Stain That Earned a Place in Our Makeup Bag

If you're a fan of lip stain, you know that not all products are created equal. Some formulas barely soak into your lips, while some go on nicely, but fade very unevenly.

Neither of which is the case for my latest lip colour find: E.l.f.'s Essential Lip Stain ($2) in Berry Blush. The marker applicator is incredibly precise, and the pigment soaks into lips quickly. The colour lasts for hours and fades evenly, without leaving telltale lines of colour behind.

As with all lip stains, it’s best to exfoliate before—you can use a lip scrub, granulated sugar, or a soft toothbrush. Let your pout fully dry, then apply the colour. Start from the inside and work out, and avoid creating a heavy-handed outline, which can fade unevenly. Top with balm if you want a light sheen and you’re done—no touch-ups needed.