These 3 Skincare Products Fake the Look of 8 Hours Sleep



I can quite truthfully say I have never been busier. Technology has allowed us to live more efficient lives, but with that comes more time to fill. Sleep is the one thing that during the workweek takes more of a back seat. I'll be up late scrolling Instagram, and I don't care what anyone says, even without the blue light on it still doesn't help lull you to sleep like reading a good old book or counting sheep does. 

If your sleep goes out the window, you're stressed and perhaps travelling a lot for work, then your body clock can be thrown out of sync. Our body clock is also known as the circadian rhythm; it's what causes us to feel drowsy at bedtime and alert in the mornings. Your circadian rhythm also has a bearing on your complexion, "[It] affect[s] skin in two ways: protection in the day and repair overnight,” pharmacist Annette Greco told Women's Health. If your body clock is out of whack, then your skin will suffer. If you know your lifestyle shows up on your face, then looking to topical products that help combat a wonky circadian rhythm is key. Thankfully Elemis's Peptide4 range, of which there are two new products joining its best-selling Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil (£49), does just that. 

Called Peptide4, these products contain four cell-communicating peptides, chains of amino acids that are derived from yeast extracts that help support your skin's natural regenerative processes. Essentially they are like an army of helpers that go in and sync up your skin when you're too knackered from life (sounds good, no?).

The range also uses two exclusive flower-based ingredients that have been grown in the UK. Cold-pressed oil extracted from Night Scented Stock is rich in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids that help your skin look smooth and plump, regardless of how tired and dehydrated you may be (work drinks last night, anyone?). Another cold-pressed oil comes from the Star Avensis flower, this contains omega-3 and -6 that tackles the appearance of fine lines, especially around the delicate eye area. 

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