I Try Heaps of Products Every Month; These Are the Ones I'm Loving Right Now

When you've worked in the beauty industry for 12 years, it becomes easier to spot a cult classic product in the making. Having tested thousands of products, I have a pretty strong gauge for whether something is going to live up to the hype or whether an under-the-radar buy should actually be shouted about. I know how to read ingredient lists, I don't judge a beauty product by its packaging and, to be frank, I can smell B.S. from a mile away. I'll even sing the praises of drugstore buys as long as they are worth the money. So each week I'll be sharing with you the products I'm loving right now. Some will be new, others will be long-forgotten finds or cult classics. The filter I'll be using for this (which is actually the filter I use for all my recommendations) is, "Does it work, and is it worth the money?"

Without further ado, here are the products I've been loving this week.