I Wore This Mascara on the Hottest Day of the Year and It Didn’t Budge

When I learned that SoCal would be roasting in triple-digit temperatures, I knew I had to break out my usual arsenal of waterproof cosmetics. But staring me in the face was an unused tube of Eddie Funkhouser’s Quattro Variable Lash Mascara ($13), which features an adjustable wand and four fixed dial settings. I searched every inch of the bottle for the word “waterproof” without any luck. Despite my anxiety over a potential mascara mudslide later that day, my eyelashes were begging to meet the cool gadget’s bristles. So I caved. One coat over my top and bottom lashes made them darker, longer, thicker, and much better. Though I was pleased with level one’s results, I swiveled the dial to level three. That’s when my wildest mascara dreams became a reality: With each click, the brush twisted for a more intense dose of mascara. Giddy as can be, I immediately applied a second coat and left home on that sweltering day with a red carpet-worthy fluttery fringe. And get this—I didn’t even have to curl my lashes.

When it comes to mascara, I have high expectations. I fully expect it to give me voluminous, lengthened lashes and to withstand flaking and budging, even during one of SoCal’s erratic heat waves. Formulated with a blend of waxes and polymers that deliver maximum volume, this mascara met my expectations—and then some. Through my eye rubs and bouts of sweat, not one flake surfaced around my eyes. A full day of lush lashes, uninterrupted. Gone are my days of layering two different mascaras, and I owe it all to the beauty genius behind this hero product—Eddie Funkhouser.

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