I Ate Salad for Breakfast for a Week

I like salads. I eat ‘em for lunch, I eat ‘em for dinner, and on a scale of one to rabbit I probably fall at about a six on the salad-celebrating spectrum. So when Team Byrdie decided that someone (cough, cough) should stuff their face with greens every morning for a week and see what happens, I was willing. 

“Salad and I are homies. I can make this work,” I thought to myself. Plus, I’d been reading articles touting the benefits of starting your day with fruits and vegetables (instead of the general American breakfast of sugar and carbs), so my interest was piqued. And, if we’re being totally transparent here, I’d bought a Halloween costume that barely zipped up, so I figured the week leading up to All Hallows’ Eve was a great time to pump up the greens and dial down the breakfast waffles.

I gathered my produce and decided there were three specific things I hoped to find out when starting my day with salad:

1. Would it affect my eating habits throughout the day?

2. Would it make me feel any different?

3. Would it improve my skin?

Read on for the answers to those burning questions, and a detailed report on my salad saga.