These Are the Easiest Vegan Recipes We've Ever Seen

We've spoken a lot about going vegan and understanding the difference between a plant-based diet and not eating any animal products whatsoever. But how about actually making a vegan recipe? From our own—albeit anecdotal—research, most people who want to go vegan find it hard to make food that tastes incredible and doesn't take a whole afternoon to make. Where do you turn to for useful step-by-step guides?

Recently we discovered the Bosh Facebook page, which has easy-to-follow video recipes. Not only are the videos kind of mesmerising, they make going vegan look incredibly appetising. Our mouths water every time we see one pop up on our FB feeds. So we thought it high time we introduced Bosh to you as well.

If you're considering going vegan, keep scrolling for our pick of the best easy vegan recipes from the Facebook page we're obsessed with.

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Opening Image: 15 Minute Vegan