The Bizarre After-Sun Tip Aussies and L.A Girls Swear By

If Alexander Skarsgård had known this before heading out to Capri, we’re pretty sure the health and beauty headlines might have read a little differently yesterday. But hey, at least we’re here to let him know now—there’s a genius new sunburn cure going viral over on Instagram, and it’s so simple we kind of can’t wait to try it (not that we plan on getting burnt anytime soon‚ we’re SPF pros don’t you know?). Sparked by an unlikely source, the Australian rugby player Alexis Caught, Instagram is currently buzzing with the idea that steeping your skin in a bathtub full of Earl Grey tea could help to soothe the sting of sunburn—not to mention taking that redness down too (Skarsgård, FYI). Keep scrolling for the full story and how to soothe sunburn with earl grey tea.


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Opening Image: @caroljanesanders