6 Cool-Girl Ear Piercings You'll Want to Get in 2019

Ear piercings are so popular that department store Liberty London famously condensed all the It bags into another part of the shop floor to make way for the rather grand Maria Tash concession a couple of years back. The New York–based jeweller's designs famously temporarily popped up in Liberty during fashion week one season, and the rest, as they say, is history.

A carefully and beautifully curated ear is now the accessory du jour. But the types and combinations of ear piercings you choose are up to you. To help you make a decision, below you'll find the five main piercings from the daith to the rook. If you find one you like, click the link below and it will take you to a more in-depth article that reveals everything you need to know about your chosen piercing type, from the jewellery that works best to the aftercare.

Further, below you'll find our favourite jewellery designers (we asked our sister site Who What Wear for their recommendations too) because the jewellery you choose is just as important as the placement.

Keep scrolling to find the six ear piercings that all the cool girls have.