Now Trending: Dutch Braids


Getty/Stefanie Keenan

Ready to step up your braid game? This latest sub-trend is the way to do it—especially because it's actually way easier to throw together than it looks. Dutch braids are essentially french braids, but with a Missy Elliot twist: Flip it and reverse it. Rather than weaving each section of hair over one another, you're simply tucking them under, so the braid is inside out. The result: a more dimensional-looking plait.

And we're not the only ones who are all about it. In fact, we can't remember the last time we made it through an entire day without seeing a picture of a celeb donning the style in some way, shape, or form. Whether you're feeling classic double boxer braids or something a little more creative, inspiration abounds—and we're counting down some of our favourites right here.