Flaky Shins, Begone: How to Remedy Dry Skin on Your Legs

My skin is dry. Like, really dry. It sends me into scratchy meltdowns all too often, leaving my arms and legs feeling super tight. But the worst thing about having dry skin, in my opinion, is the things it does to my shins. Rather than glossy, glowy skin, more often than not, my shins better resemble a floured work surface—they're covered with a light dusting of dry skin that shows up as this chalky white pallor over the olive skin underneath.

You too? Well, there are a few things that could be causing our common problem—hot showers, shaving, the weather. But seeing as we have no control over the latter and don't plan on a bracing icy wake-up call every morning, there's no point waiting for an organic fix. If you want your flaky shins to be less flaky, now's the time to act. Of course, being extra AF, I've adopted a multipronged approach to get the situation in check, but I reckon if you take one or two steps out of my regimen, you'll still see a massive difference in the hydration of your own legs. Here's everything I do, from dry brushing to body oil.