Why You Should Never Get Your Hair Cut Wet Again

Take everything you know about a good haircut and forget it. Scratch that. You can keep all of that knowledge, but just know that it only applies to a good haircut—not a great one. The reason is your stylist has been doing it all wrong. Yes, if your hair was cut wet, we can tell you right now that your hair is not living up to its potential. Don’t dismiss our claims as nonsense just yet—it will all make sense very soon.

To help us make our case for dry cutting, we enlisted the pro: Jon Reyman. He’s the founder of Jon Reyman Pro and Spoke & Weal salons, whose work has been featured in the pages of every magazine from Vogue to Vanity Fair, and is seen going down the runways at Fashion Week show after show. He’s cut the hair of stars like Sienna Miller and Lana Del Rey, and guess what—he cut it dry. And you’re about to find out why.

Keep reading and you’ll never want to get your hair cut wet again!