Can A Drugstore Favourite Live Up to the World's Top Prestige Mascara?

At Byrdie, we’re firm believers in the mascara wardrobe—you’d never have just one shade of lipstick on hand, so why one mascara? While we’re tempted to pit the iconic Maybelline Great Lash Mascara ($5) against the much lauded Dior DiorShow Mascara ($25) and tell you that yes, you only need one, the truth is that you most certainly need both.

Both formulas deliver super black pigment. Their brushes, however, are very different. Maybelline’s Great Lash features widely spaced, spiraled bristles that expertly define and separate your lashes. It’s pretty much impossible to get clumps, or build faux lash-like volume, making this the ideal daytime mascara. Wear it to the office, a job interview, or the farmer’s market on Sunday morning to lift your lashes up and out.

Come evening, however, you’ll be grateful for the tightly packed brush at the end of DiorShow’s wand. It thoroughly coats each lash with so much mascara that we guarantee someone will ask: “Are those your real lashes?” The brush was inspired by the toothbrushes that Dior’s artists used to paint models’ lashes backstage before runway shows—but it’s much easier to use!

Buy both might not be the answer you’re looking for—but it’s the truth!